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Herzog Systems AG, valve gate nozzle with needle - Valve gate nozzle HP High Performance - Control hydraulic or pneumatic with position monitoring as option

The herzog® shut-off nozzle type HP nozzle "High Performance" is pneumatically or hydraulically controlled and is characterised by a precise valve gate mechanism. This mechanism enables direct separation of the melt flow at the mould interface. This nozzle is particularly suitable for sealing under high pressure and remains securely sealed even with increased back pressure.

The needle mechanism is designed to ensure that the nozzle opens automatically in the event of overpressure.

It is primarily used for processing thermoplastics with low-viscosity materials such as PA, PPS, PE, POM or PP.

It can be flexibly adapted to various technologies, including the MuCell process, other physical and chemical foaming processes and pre-compression of the melt. To summarise, the HP nozzle is ideal for applications that require precise control and adaptation to different processes.

Max. Injection rate: 3,500 cm3/s

Max. Injection pressure: 3,000 bar at 400°C



- Shorter cycle times à increased productivity

- Controlled shut-off at the nozzle tip/mould interface

- Prevention of thread formation and plastic leakage

- User-friendliness with increased back pressure à improved homogenisation

- Process reliability with sensors

- Can be retrofitted



- Filter module

- Mixer


- Process monitoring with piston position sensor on the lifting cylinder

- Integrated or machine-side control


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 Mounting on the machine and initial operation HP
 Mounting on the machine and initial operation HP
 Mounting on the machine and initial operation HP
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