SHP spring operated

Nozzle shut-off Needle spring-operated spring-actuated

The spring-actuated shut-off nozzle type SHP (Spring High Performance) was specially developed for processors who require uncomplicated shut-off at high temperatures and pressures. This is made possible by placing the spring system outside the melt flow.

A needle that can be moved axially in the nozzle is pressed against the outlet hole of the nozzle by the spring force of the nozzle and closes the outlet opening of the nozzle.

With increasing melt pressure, which acts against the spring force via a ring surface on the needle, the spring force, the nozzle opens at 200 bar. As soon as the melt pressure is below 45 bar, the needle closes the orifice of the nozzle again.

Parts such as the head and needle can be seamlessly interchanged with the parallel nozzle of the powered HP type. The compact design allows for easy installation and can be complemented by a screen filter with minimal pressure drop. The SHP nozzle thus offers an efficient solution for applications requiring high temperatures and pressures, while allowing easy replacement of parts for versatile use.

Max. Injection rate: 500 cm3/s

Max. Injection pressure: 3,000 bar at 400°C



- Shorter cycle times à increased productivity

- Separation of the mass at a defined point

- Operation with increased back pressure à improved homogenisation

- Prevention of thread formation and plastic leakage

- Improved process reliability

- Can be retrofitted



- Filter module

- Mixer


 Mounting on the machine and initial operation SHP
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