A Nozzle

Technical Documentation

The original needle shut-off nozzle from herzog® which has over the years enabled processors increase productivity. Strong, reliable and above all economical, it can be adapted to any machine type with the simplest of installations. The nozzle operation is melt pressure dependant. The axial aligned needle is held in the closed position by spring force. Once the injection pressure rises above 200 bar, it will overcome the spring force and open the nozzle.

Max. injection rate: 1600 cm3/s
Max. injection pressure: 2000 bar at 350°C

• Stringing, drooling
• Air pockets during screw retraction
• Material leakage when dosing with a retracted injection unit
• Material leakage while vertically injecting

Productivity factors:
• Clean shut-off of the melt stream
• Shorter cycle times - increase in productivity
• Increased process reliability and repeatability
• Quick machine installation

• Filter module